• Supportive, high-quality lessons for students age 7 and up



    I maintain a busy private studio at Calgary Music Academy in southwest Calgary. Please click here for registration information.


    Learning music is a process that requires patience and discipline. It can be a formidable challenge, but for those who are willing to work, the rewards are very great. I especially love to work with students who are curious, dedicated to regular practicing, and committed to long-term goals.


    What I expect from you:


    Regular attendance at lessons (30, 45, or 60 minutes per week)

    Daily practice at home, with parental supervision as required

    A supportive, non-competitive attitude towards other students

    A growth mindset, focused on incremental progress over time


    What you can expect from me:


    Personalized lessons for students ages 7 and up

    Thorough preparation for RCM exams and local festivals

    Regular performance opportunities through monthly masterclasses

    Optional additional performance opportunities through CMAC performance outreach program

    A focus on growth and overall musicianship

    Patience, good humour, and encouragement as we work to achieve our goals